Research Teams

The project is carried out by three main groups of experts:

The phonetics group:


Mary Baltazani

Mary Baltazani is a Departmental Lecturer at the University of Oxford and an Assistant Professor at the University of Ioannina. Her main research interests are phonetics, phonology, intonation and dialectology. She is the principal investigator of VOCALECT.


    Katerina Nikolaidis

    Dr Katerina Nicolaidis is an Associate Professor and the Director of the Phonetics Laboratory at the School of English, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She holds a BA in English Language and Literature from Aristotle University, an MA in Theoretical Linguistics and a PhD in Phonetics from the University of Reading, UK. Prior to her current position, she worked at the University of Reading and Queen Margaret University College, Edinburgh. She carries out research in experimental phonetics investigating normal and disordered speech production, phonological acquisition, coarticulation and articulatory variability, and methodology of teaching pronunciation.


      Dimitris Papazachariou

      Dimitris Papazachariou is an Assistant Professor at the University of Patras. His main research interests are dialectology, phonetics, phonology and intonation.


        Paul Iverson


          Angelos Lengeris


            Evia Kainada

            Evia Kainada is a linguist (PhD in Linguistics, MSc in Speech and Language Processing, University of Edinburgh). She specializes on Phonetics and Laboratory Phonology and in particular on intonation, prosody and coarticulation. She has worked as an Adjunct Lecturer at the University of Leeds and TEI of Patras and is currently a post-doc at the University of Ioannina and the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.


              Anna Sfakianaki

              Anna Sfakianaki is an Educator - Phonetician/Linguist (PhD) specializing in Hearing Impairment and Special Education. She has worked as a Primary School Teacher since 2004. She is currently doing post-doc research at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and the Universities of Ioannina and Crete. She has worked as an Adjunct Lecturer at Leeds Metropolitan University and at the University of Crete, and as a Researcher at the University of Reading.


                Ioannis Themelis


                  Anastasia Chionidou

                  Anastasia Chionidou is currently a PhD candidate at the School of English of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She holds a BA in English Language and Literature and an MA in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics. Her interest lies in experimental phonetics. For her PhD thesis, she conducts phonetic analysis of stops and clusters in bilingual speech. She is currently phonetically analyzing vowels in Greek dialects for the THALIS project VOCALECT using experimental phonetic techniques such as electropalatography and Ultrasound Tongue Imaging (UTI).


                    Maria Giakoumelou


                      Eleni Tsiartsioni

                      Dr Eleni Tsiartsioni holds a BA in English Language and Literature from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, an MPhil in Applied Linguistics from the University of Dublin, Trinity College and a PhD in Linguistics from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Her research interests include acoustic analyses of speech production, second and foreign language phonological acquisition and pronunciation teaching methodology. Her work has been presented in international conferences and published in conference proceedings and collaborative volumes.


                        Olimpia Kalampaliki


                          Theofano Christou

                          Theophano Christou is a PhD candidate at the University of Ioannina. Her main research interests are Phonetics, sociophonetics and teaching Greek as foreign language. She is a doctoral researcher in the project VOCALECT. She phonetically analyzed the vowels of Cypriot Greek for her MA thesis and currently she is conducting a socio-phonetic analysis of the vowels of Ipiros Greek for her PhD thesis.

                            The phonological group:


                            Ioanna Kappa

                            Ioanna Kappa is Associate Professor at the University of Crete. Her main research interests are phonology, morphophonology. dialectology, language acquisition/development, language contact, language change.


                              Anthi Revithiadou

                              Anthi Revithiadou, currently Associate Professor of Linguistics (Phonology) at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, received her Ph.D. from Leiden University/HIL in 1999 (Ph.D. thesis: Headmost Accent Wins). Her research interests focus on phonological theory, the morphosyntax-phonology interface, language typology and language contact. She has also a profound interest in contact-induced systems and, especially, those varieties of Greek that have been in long-term contact with Turkish (e.g., Asia Minor Greek, Ofitika Pontic, Rhodian Muslim Greek, etc.) In 2009 she received the Studies 2009 research grant (Project: Ofitika Pontic: A Documentation Project with Special Emphasis on the Diachrony and Synchrony of the Dialect, Funding ID 2128, URL: arxeiou_meleton.html) by the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation. In 2008 she was awarded the Fulbright Research Grant (Fulbright Foundation, Athens) in order to carry our research on Ancient Greek stress at MIT (USA). Currently, she is a Researcher in the VOCALECT project (University of Ioannina, Thalis).


                                Marina Tzakosta

                                Marina Tzakosta is Assistant Professor at the Department of Preschool education of the University of Crete. She investigates topics related to language development, more specifically, L1 acquisition, L2 learning and teaching, language disorders, as well as language change and language contact, dialectology and the teaching of dialects. Together with her research team she has recently created the Digital Museum of Greek Oral History (financed by the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation) whose aim is to serve as a tool for the teaching of Modern Greek dialects in primary and secondary education.


                                  Adamantios Gafos


                                    Theonimfi Paraxeraki


                                      Nina Topintzi

                                      Nina Topintzi (BA: Univ. of Crete, MA & PhD: Univ. College London) is Assistant Professor in Phonology at the English Department of AUTH. She has taught at universities in Greece and abroad (UCL, Leipzig, AUTH, Patras, Aegean), she was a research fellow at MIT (2011) and a Humboldt Fellow in Leipzig (2011-12). In 2010, she published her book Onsets: Suprasegmental and Prosodic Behaviour with Cambridge University Press. She publishes on phonology and the phonology-phonetics interface. Her papers have appeared in international journals (Journal of Greek Linguistics, Natural Language & Linguistic Theory) and edited volumes (e.g. Mouton Interface Explorations).


                                        Georgios Markopoulos

                                          The technology and education group:


                                          George Mikros

                                          George Mikros is Professor of Computational and Quantitative Linguistics at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and Adjunct Professor at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. His main research interests are stylometry, automatic authorship attribution, corpora development and quantitative linguistic data analysis. He coordinates the technology support team for the VOCALECT research project.


                                            Ioannis Fudos

                                            Ioannis Fudos is an Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Ioannina. He received a diploma in computer engineering and informatics from University of Patras, Greece in 1990 and an MSc and PhD in Computer Science both from Purdue University, USA in 1993 and 1995, respectively. His research interests include animation, rendering, morphing, CAD systems, reverse engineering, geometry compilers, solid modeling, and image retrieval. Dr Fudos’ work on mesh parameterization has received the best paper award in SMI 2013. Dr Fudos has obtained funding from the EC and national sources. His work has received more than 1100 citations.


                                              Marina Mattheoudakis

                                              Marina Mattheoudakis is an Associate Professor at the Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, School of English, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She has coordinated and participated in several research projects related to bilingualism, learner corpora, young learners, etc. Her main research interests lie in the areas of second language learning and teaching, corpora and their applications. She has co-authored and edited Magic Book 1 and 2, the English language textbooks for 3rd graders in Greek state schools, and has published her research in international journals, books and conference proceedings.
                                              For more information: personal site


                                                Thomas Zapounidis