Vowels of greek dialects: phonetic and phonological analysis, dialect index construction, and diffusion of results through educational material

Our project has three major aims:

1. To provide a comprehensive description and analysis of the vowel systems of six Modern Greek dialects at a phonetic and phonological level.
To this end, we have recorded 10 speakers per dialect, 5 female and 5 male in a variety of speaking styles including (i) word lists, (ii) words embedded in a frame sentence, (iii) conversational spontaneous speech and (iv) narratives such as fairy tales. In total the recorded database contains approximately 120 hours of speech. This material is orthographically annotated. A small part of it is also phonetically annotated and there are acoustic, articulatory (electropalatographic) and perceptual analyses of a subset of the vowel data. All the materials are orthographically annotated and forced aligned and it is available to the research community.

2. To provide an updatable database and a glotto-geographic index that facilitates the presentation of collected data. It allows browsing through a dialect index, a sounds/phenomena index and an interactive map with multiple levels of detail.

3. To disseminate the findings to schools and universities with the aim to raise awareness of the existence, value and status of Modern Greek dialects. To this end, electronic educational materials have been designed for different levels of education.